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This is Peony, she was the first in my Flower Child series of minis.  She is about 4.5 inches long.


Here's Rosie!  She's the second in the Flower Child series.  Rosie won the honor of being selected as the
August '04 Baby of the Month in the Polymer Baby Artists Yahoo Group.


Darcie- 100% Prosculpt, about 5 inches long.  

Sweet Pea.  FIMO clay, about 4 inches long

This little one was created by me and donated to the Silent Auction (to benefit the Tsunami Fund Relief) during the
International Reborn Doll Artists First Annual Conference in Orlando Jan. 21-23, 2005.  She is about 6 inches long.

Please meet Emmy!  She's a total departure from the babies I've done in the past.  But I'll be doing a lot more of these in poses, as she was a big hit. 
She is made of Fimo, with glued on wefted dark brown mohair, colored with Artisan oil paints, and sits 4.5 inches tall. 
Emmy and her needle-felted bunny pal, Fuzzybutt, are adopted.

This is Abby.  She is 12" long and has full length limbs attached to a soft body.  Isn't that a gorgeous outfit?  It was made for me by
another sculpting friend who is much more talented a seamstress than I am.   Abby was made with FIMO clay.  She was colored with
Winsor Newton Artisan oils. 
I figured out a neat way to use a ladies sock to make a really good soft body for my OOAK babies!


I hadn't made a little boy for a while, so here is Patrick.  He's wearing an outfit made for me by and old pal, Joyce Rodriquez from
Polymer Baby Artists.  He was made with FIMO and is an anatomically correct, full sculpt about 4.5 inches long.

This is a 12 inch baby girl with partial limbs, painted with Genesis paints.  She was a gift for a dear friend.  She was made from FIMO clay and is wearing another one of those darling minke outfits made by my good friend, Dee Stastny

This is Serina, a 14" baby with full length arms and legs, created from Prosculpt Baby and has a stuffed jointed cloth body.  She is the size of
a real micro-preemie (1-2 lbs).  Serina has been adopted.

Here is Sydney, another micro-preemie sized baby weighing just about 1 lb.  She is 15 inches long, created from Prosculpt and
painted with Genesis heatset paints.  Sydney has been adopted.


Meet Natalie!  She is a tiny 6.5 inch baby with full limbs attached to a tiny stuffed body. Don't you love that tiny outfit?
Natalie has been adopted.

This is Brooke.  She is 12 inches long with a jointed doesuede body and partial length limbs.  She has been adopted and now lives in Australia.


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