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I was honored to receive an invitation to join an International Sculptors group formed by well-known and respected doll artist Petra Lechner:

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Michael was created from Prosculpt and is 18" long.  He has partial sculpted limbs attached to a jointed, weighted and stuffed cloth doll body.  
He has blue oval glass eyes and his coloring was done using Windsor and Newton water-mixable oils.  Michael has been adopted.

Katie Lynn, Prosculpt, preemie size with partial limbs.  Katie has blue glass oval eyes and a foil armature for added strength in her hands and feet. 
I rooted the hair strand by strand on Katie's head.  The results were remarkable!   All of her coloring was done with artist oils.  Katie Lynn has been adopted


Meet a cute little preemie, Jenna!  She's only 1 lb 4 oz and 13" long.  She has full length limbs attached to a soft flannel body. 
She was made with Prosculpt. Jenna has been adopted

This is Delanie.  She is sculpted from Prosculpt and has 3/4 length arms and legs attached to a reused commercial doll body.  I used Genesis Heatset paints
on this baby, and I am happy with the results.  She has rooted light brown angora mohair, Victorian Blue Real Eyes and medium brown lashes.  She is 20" long.  
Delanie has been adopted.


Meet Kyna (pronounced Kee-nah) which is Irish for "love, affection, esteem".  What a cutie-bug!!  Kyna is 100% Prosculpt, colored with
Windsor Newton Artisan oils and acrylics.  She's real preemie-size, 14.5 inches long and 1 lb 9 oz.   Kyna has been adopted.


Joey was sculpted from Super Sculpey and was originally destined to be used as a production doll.   He's still a big boy, measuring 24" in length.  
But his head measurement wasn't large enough to be reproduced as a toddler doll, so he was adopted out as a OOAK...but that's not the end of the story!

The Rest of the Story is....Joey was purchased by Ashton Drake Galleries! He's now known as "Picture Perfect Boy".  Good job, Joey!

Elysia is a full sized newborn baby girl with full length limbs, baked on mohair and a soft weighted jointed body. She was created with
Prosculpt and painted with artist oil paints.  Elysia is adopted

This is "Micaela" a full sized baby girl with full length limbs on a weighted soft jointed body and baked in mohair.  She was painted with Genesis heatset paints. 
Micaela has been adopted.

Chloe was created from 100% Prosculpt and is 14.5 inches long (about the size of a micro-preemie baby) with baked on hair and
full length limbs attached to a doesuede jointed body.  Chloe is adopted.

This is Francesca.  She was inspired by the online story of a real premie baby.  She is 15" long with full limbs attached to a jointed doesuede body. 
She wears real NICU clothing.  She's been adopted.

Alex is a full sized (newborn) baby with 3/4 limbs  Alex was sold as a OOAK on eBay in 2010

"Cole" is a 19" newborn and was sculpted for production (kits)

"Addison Grace" sculpted for production and released as the Limited Edition "Alisanne" kit. 
She also won Best OOAK and 3rd Place in the People's Choice Awards at the 2009 Tiny Treasures at IDEX

"Xavier" was sold to SimplyReborn Kits in the UK for production into 18"kits.

"Kendall" sculpted by me and produced as vinyl kits (still available)

"Mercedes/Marcelo" 19" newborn to be in production Summer of 2012


Please see my Ebay auctions for the latest available.

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