Where Ordinary Dolls Become Beautiful, Realistic Collector's Artist Babies
through The Art & Magic of Reborning

Here at HunnyBuns Nursery, Vinyl dolls and Parts Become Unique, Heirloom Collectible Reborn Art Dolls
That Look and Feel Like Real Babies!


Hi, I'm Stephanie Sullivan Tackett, the artist at HunnyBuns Nursery.  I love doing this!  I'm committed to this art form, which I discovered in the fall of 2002 on Ebay.  I was so smitten with my first sight of a Reborn Baby Doll that I immediately set out to learn the techniques.  I've been an artist most of my life, dabbling in various arts and crafts.  Until I found reborning, I never felt I'd found my 'niche'.  I give God the glory for giving me this gift, which I enjoy using to bring joy to others.  I'm a born-again Christian and member of the local Vineyard Church.

I've taught myself some of the methods that I use; other techniques I've learned through excellent online classes such as Simply Reborn.  I now teach reborning classes held by International Reborn Doll Artists (of which I’m past president), IDEX Doll & Teddy Bear Premiere/Tiny Treasures, Sauder Village in Ohio . MacPherson Arts & Crafts in St. Marys, Ontario, and on rare occasions, plan local classes here in the Dayton area. In 2008, I wrote a book “The Art & Magic of Reborning” sold through my website and online at Amazon.com and Lulu.com.

As of 2013, I've decided to sell my Reborn Babies through my store at www.hunnybunsrebornsupply.com rather than on eBay.

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About Custom DollsI'm sorry, but I no longer do custom orders.  If you would like to be added to a private email listing of new HunnyBun Babies and  OOAK sculpts, please email hunnybuns@roadrunner.com
(I'll still continue to sell my Reborns and OOAKs on Ebay or HunnyBuns Reborn Supply).

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